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Carriage of High Viscosity and Persistent Floating Substances

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The 23rd session of the IMO's ESPH Group agreed that the best way to tackle the probem of beaches being fouled by product residues being washed from ships' tanks was to introduce a requirement for prewash of the product deemed to be responsible - primarily vegetable oils and waxes - in the areas affected, which compromise mainly North West Europe and the Baltic. 
Text was developed for an amendment to regulation 13 of MARPOL Annex II to provide for a prewash to be carried out at the port of discharge where these products are discharged in these areas.  The products covered will be indicaated in column o of chapter 17 of the IBC Code by a reference to a new regulatoin 16.2.7.
This agreement and the associated amendment text will be put to the PPR Sub-Committee in February 18 and thereafter to the MEPC for approval and adoption.  If agreed, the requriement is expected to enter into force in January 2020. 
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