There has been considerable confusion in recent years over the carriage of Palm oil mill effluent, and even exactly what it is.  The ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) has recently issued a guidance document on POME which clarifies that POME is the “unavoidable wastewater arising from palm oil production at a palm oil mill”, and POME oil is the oil recovered from that wastewater.

When it met in March the PPR Sub-Committee agreed to carriage requirements for POME proposed by the UK.  The UK submitted these carriage requirements on the principle of the precautionary approach in response to tripartites proposed by Finland.  In the absence of data on the product the UK did not agree with Finland’s proposal for POME to be pollution category Y, and proposed that it should be category X.  These carriage requirements were agreed on the basis of all countries with no expiry date  and have since been posted on the IMO website.  

It was made clear that nothing precludes any party from providing data to justify different carriage requirements and we would anticipate submissions being made to the ESPH working group meeting in October for different carriage requirements to be assigned.  Unless and until anything different is decided, however, the carriage requirements for POME are those that appear on the IMO website, with POME as Category X.