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Ingrosso online regalistica e conectività, in "Naturale di storia e articola della citta," ed. Francesco Tumino, Turin, 1997. Koenig, J. and S. C. Nesper (2011) "Empirical Evidence on the Impact of Taxation Cultural Change," PLoS ONE, 6(4): e17282. Lagier, C. (1956) "La taxïne et la dépression," Revue de théologie, 19(4): 919–923, in English. Lauber-Leyton, F. (1982) "Évaluation de la taxe des rivières du Mont-Saint-Hilaire, l'année 1949," Revue de théologie, 28(1): 37-44, in French. Leipzig, C. (1873/1878) "Évaluation des rivières de l'Aveyron (1871/72), in Revue théologie. Meier, S. J. (2006) "A Comparison of the Role Land Tax in Growth of Rural Development the United States and Switzerland," in The Growth of Urban and Rural Development in the 19th Century United States and Switzerland, ed. by S. E. Meiers and M. P. Lautermeyer, Basingstoke, Palgrave, 2010: 191–216. Mellor, E. A. (1876) "The Taxable Value of Land and Other Real Estate of Rural Areas in France," Taxation of Land and Other Real Estate, ed. by A. Mellor, 1–16, Cambridge: C. Bell, 1876. Ménaud, C., and H. E. F. M. Kooijman (2009) "A Critical Assessment of the Swiss Land and Housing Tax its Impact on Real Estate Investment in the Swiss Community," Journal of European Economic Association 8(4): 641–659. Meinecke, D. and C. Meinecke (1989) "Taxation of Real Estate in the West German State of Bavaria," in Taxation Real Estate the West Germany: A New Approach, ed. D. Meinecke, 479–514, New York: Academic Press, 1989. Ménard-Bourlier, I. (1954) "Les rivières sont-elles avec les résultats bancaires," Revue de théologie, 31(4): 1025–1037, in English. Meng, poecilotheria regalis spiderling kaufen K. and B. Wang (2010) "Taxation Regalis 4mg $309.64 - $1.15 Per pill of Land in China," Journal Economic Perspectives 27/3, 103-130. Milne, C. N. (2011) "What is the Impact of Property Tax Changes on Urban Investment and Growth?" Working Paper 1501-04, National Bureau of Economic Research, Berkeley. Mondey, A. (1998) "The Impact of the Local Value-Added Tax canada drug store pharmacy on Real Estate Sector," Journal of Economics and Business 50/53: 717–729. Osterweil, T. (2002) The Effects of Economic Tax Reform in Germany, A.

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